2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Charlie Westerman on developing Personr, an AI identity platform for data security

Charlie, founder of Personr, an AI-driven identity verification platform, now advises global businesses on fraud prevention and the future of data security, emphasising the unique problem-solving mindset of entrepreneurs.

Key Insights:

  • Entrepreneurial individuals often face challenges in traditional education systems but their unique perspectives drive innovative problem-solving.
  • Businesses must prioritise data security as cybercriminals constantly threaten with potential breaches.
  • AI’s ability to detect minute discrepancies in documents aids companies in identifying fraud, especially in remote hiring or partnerships.
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Charlie didn’t conform to societal norms at school and he was targeted by the teachers for not following curriculum rules to the letter. He then went on to start Personr, a powerful identity verification platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and he contributes to the evolution of regulatory technology by helping businesses around the world avoid falling victim to fraud and data breaches.

This episode delves into how entrepreneurs think differently about problems and solutions, how they are held back by societal structures and how the future should look to cater for brighter minds and evolution in technology. 

From real estate to HR and international corporations that hire across the globe, Charlie details how to spot fraudulent documentation, how to put new best practice security measures in place following the Optus and Medicare data breaches and where the future of data security is headed in Perth.

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