2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Benjamyn Gardner, the creator of AntiBeauty, revolutionising the beauty industry with a message of fighting unrealistic beauty norms

Benjamyn has an incredible story of going from mega beauty brand clerk to an ambassador for fighting unrealistic beauty norms and starting their own business to compete with existing narratives.

Key Insights:

  • Ben covers his incredible story with AntiBeauty
  • The impact of beauty standards on our community
  • Ben’s new partnership with Woolworths
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The learnings Ben has to share from brands we probably use every day are frankly quite scary, and they even have a perspective on what it’s like to experience and get out of homelessness.

Check out the their ethos and products at https://www.antibeauty.com.au/. Give them a follow on Instagram or Facebook.