2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Growing Perth’s Startup Community With Spacecubed

Untitled Perth got to sit down and chat with the founder and managing director of Spacecubed, Brodie McCulloch, to chat about the growth of the startup scene in Perth, future opportunities for the city, his 2020 run for Perth Lord Mayor, the power of community and much more.

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Brodie McCulloch has grown Spacecubed from one 500 square meter co-working space in Perth’s CBD to seven spaces across Perth and WA, as well as running a multitude of programs and events designed to empower its diverse range of members with the tools needed for startup success.

The effect that a supportive, active, and inclusive, entrepreneur-led, startup community has on a city, its economy and the success rate of startups is a well-known and documented phenomenon and is something Brodie strives to achieve.