2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Alex Dunmow & John Nguyen from Ninja Syndicate

Meet Alex Dunmow and John Nguyen, founders of Ninja Syndicate, the largest metaverse gaming studio in Perth.

Key Insights:

  • There is a lot of untapped talent here in Perth waiting to shine, you just have to find it
  • The pivot from a consultancy to product-based company and the challenges that arise
  • Perth is very people-driven, you have to be able to connect with people to be successful
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The two share their story of how a coding-meetup started the relationship that led to over US$4.5m in sales from their first launch, predominantly from the Web 3 gaming community in Perth.

With tips about how to position yourself to the WA startup ecosystem, Alex & John discuss the euphoric highs of record sales and battles of ensuring the happiness of those who originally supported your venture.

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