2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Influencer Marketing 101: Practical tips to accelerate your startup’s growth – with Eduardo Morales

Key Insights:

  • Eduardo Morales emphasises the significance of influencer marketing, highlighting its role in catalysing Depop’s growth to a billion-dollar company and stressing the value of creator-audience engagement over follower count.
  • Rather than focusing on broad celebrity endorsements, successful influencer marketing leans heavily on the intimacy and trust between the influencer and their audience, as demonstrated by influencers like Melanie Martinez who generated massive app downloads with high ROI.
  • For effective influencer outreach, Morales underscores the need for precise metrics across platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, prioritising engagement and recent performance over historical data, and stresses the importance of simplicity, empathy, and a deep creator-audience connection in partnerships.
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Eduardo Morales offers a masterclass on influencer marketing, grounding his insights in his work with notable brands such as Nike and Depop.

Highlighting Depop’s trajectory, he reveals how influencer collaboration transformed it from just another app to a company valued at $1.6 billion.

Morales argues against conventional wisdom, asserting that it’s not about roping in the most famous name but finding influencers who resonate authentically with their audience. He provides actionable guidance on assessing influencer effectiveness across major platforms, emphasising the importance of recent engagement metrics.

The key to successful collaborations, he suggests, is understanding and empathy, recommending single-post deals to measure efficacy and emphasising the power of genuine connections over sheer follower numbers.

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