2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

The Startup’s Guide to Business Development: Building a Minimum Viable Business Plan with Rebecca Ruiz

Key Insights:

  • Understanding Your Market is Crucial: Rebecca Ruiz emphasises the importance of knowing your customers and users, conducting continuous market research to adapt as your target market evolves.
  • Strategic Partnerships are Vital for Growth: Ruiz highlights the significance of forging strategic partnerships, exemplified by Apple’s turnaround through collaboration with Microsoft, underscoring that collaboration can be a powerful growth lever.
  • The MVBP (Minimum Viable Business Plan) is Essential: Ruiz introduces the concept of MVBP, focusing on setting short-term goals and metrics that align with a company’s mission and vision, thus providing a clear roadmap for business development.
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Rebecca Ruiz, a Business Development Specialist at Time to Leap, provides a comprehensive guide for startups focusing on holistic business development.

Her strategy includes understanding customer needs, engaging in non-technical activities, and emphasising the role of Minimum Viable Business Plans (MVBP).

Ruiz advocates for clear mission and vision statements, effective brand building, and using storytelling and social media for market education. The MVBP concept she introduces prioritises realistic goal-setting and measurable metrics for financial success, customer growth, and market expansion.

Highlighting the significance of strategic partnerships, she cites Apple’s collaboration with Microsoft as a key example of transformative business strategy.

Ruiz’s guide effectively merges traditional and modern business development approaches for the tech-driven business landscape.

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