2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

WA’s 3 Newest Venture Funds

The video discusses the launch of three new venture capital funds, emphasising their focus on sustainable tech, emerging markets, and female-led startups.

Key Insights:

  • The Importance of Resilience: The speaker emphasises the significance of resilience in personal and professional life. They discuss how life’s challenges can be unpredictable, and it’s essential to develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks, adapt, and keep moving forward.
  • Mindset Shifts for Growth: The speaker touches upon the concept of a growth mindset, suggesting that one’s perspective can significantly influence their outcomes. By embracing challenges, learning from criticism, and seeing effort as a path to mastery, individuals can foster a growth mindset and achieve greater success.
  • The Role of Community: The video underscores the value of community and collaboration. The speaker believes that surrounding oneself with supportive individuals can provide motivation, guidance, and a sense of belonging, which can be instrumental in overcoming obstacles and achieving one’s goals.
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The WA Government’s New Industries Fund (Department of JTSI) is at it again!

This time they’re addressing the early stage funding gap by providing operational funding to help establish three new local VC funds that will be committed to investing in WA-based startups and scale-ups over the next few years.

Purpose Ventures, FundWA and Quokka Capital were recently announced as the recipients of the Western Australian Venture Support (WAVES) 2022-2025 pilot programs. The three new funds are expected to become operational in the coming months to support more local startups and scale-ups.

This is great news and we thought it would be a good idea to introduce these three new VCs to the Perth Startup community!

In this session, Purpose Ventures, FundWA and Quokka Capital will share details about where they are on their journey, what they’re looking for, how they can help, and answer questions from you—the startups of WA!

Purpose Ventures is industry agnostic and invests from Pre-Seed to Series B rounds. They are looking for purpose-driven founders who have the ambition to build companies that can have global impact.

FundWA is a Western Australian venture capital fund that invests in technology-enabled innovative businesses in Western Australia. They invest in companies ready to scale beyond the earliest stage, to take their technology and innovation into new markets.

Quokka Capital invests in seed to series A ventures that have exceptional founding teams that can be primed for global growth. Their hands-on venture model is a response to the challenges faced by startups that struggle to access active business support during early capital raises.

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