4-8 December 2023 | Perth, WA

The West Tech Investor Network is a network of angel investors, entrepreneurs and innovators who are committed to the success of West Australian startups and building the startup ecosystem.

The network was established in 2021 on the back of West Tech Fest to meet the objectives of attracting investment, building capability and building connections.

This year the network has been expanded to 20 investors and is looking to make investments of $50-$100K in early-stage technology companies who are looking for pre-seed or seed funding. Not only do you get investment capital you get support from an amazing network to help you on your journey.

The network is looking for early-stage technology companies who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be incorporated
  • Founder or operations based in Western Australia
  • Must have an MVP
  • Must be novel solution to a clearly defined problem

Before applying it is recommended that you connect and discuss your application with one of our members who are listed below.  You can apply online via Dealum.

Want to join the syndicate? Visit the Aussie Angels’ website for more information here.