2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

The West Tech Investor Network has now become the Curtin Invest Angel Syndicate.

Established in 2021 on the back of West Tech Fest’s aims to meet the objectives of attracting investment, building capability and building connections, the West Tech Investor Network ran for two years, expanding to 20 investors and making investments of $50-$100K in early-stage technology companies looking for pre-seed or seed funding.

As part of Curtin University’s commitment to diversifying the Western Australian economy and bolstering entrepreneurship in the state, the university, with support from Rob Nathan and Larry Lopez, have now expanded the West Tech Investor Network further by establishing the Curtin Invest Angel Syndicate, providing a mechanism for the founders supported through Curtin’s Entrepreneur pipeline to access capital from angel investors and for prospective investors to gain an education around the process of angel investing.

For more information about the syndicate, visit the Curtin University website.