2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Rohan McDougall highlights the current risks to Western Australia’s economy

In his conversation with Adam, Rohan discusses how the dot com boom and bust affected Australia’s startup ecosystem, and why the Western Australian economy is at risk at having all its eggs in one basket with its heavy investment into the mining industry.

Key Insights:

  • Why Rohan has spent a large portion of his career in commercialisation
  • The biggest changes Rohan has observed across the sector – access
  • The evolution of Curtin University’s innovation network and the programs they offer
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Rohan McDougall is the director of commercialisation at Curtin University, where his team work to identify business opportunities for new products and services that arise research conducted at the university. Rohan has over a decade of experience working as company director or chairman of a variety of technology startups, including Renergi, a renewable energy technologies company, and Icetana, a company producing AI video analytics tools to assist in security surveillance.

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