2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Bronwyn and Chris Blake from Vasse Valley Hemp

  • Transitioning from traditional agricultural practices to becoming leaders in the hemp wellness industry.
  • Emphasising sustainable agriculture and eco-friendly practices, focusing on organic hemp seed oil and gourmet hemp condiments.
  • Integrated family life with hemp business, emphasising community engagement and support for the local ecosystem.
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Discover Vasse Valley Hemp Farm: Pioneers in WA’s Hemp Wellness Industry

The journey of Chris and Bronwyn, founders of Vasse Valley Hemp Farm, who is a leader in Western Australia’s hemp wellness industry.

This video showcases their transition from agricultural backgrounds to becoming leading innovators in hemp farming and food products.

They explore their extensive range of hemp-based foods, including organic hemp seed oil and condiments. And Chris walks us through their commitment to sustainable agriculture, eco-friendly practices, and increasing biodiversity on the farm.

They discuss the integration of family life with a local business, and pride “collaboration with other businesses” as a strong factor in helping to begin their journey.

Their main advice is to “Back yourself, back your thoughts and don’t listen to the haters because there will be those.”


Founder Backstories is a series of interviews with prolific Western Australian startup founders, designed to inspire conversations about the exciting opportunities and challenges facing the WA startup scene, as well as showcase the incredible achievements of local founders.

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