2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Anthony Maslin from Wide Open Agriculture

  • Creating the best plant protein on the planet from lupins, a crop that dominates WA’s agricultural output.
  • Making lupins palatable and nutritious, and rivalling soy in protein content but with added health benefits.
  • A personal journey of loss and search for meaning led to the creation of Wide Open Agriculture.
  • Sustainable farming practices and enhancing biodiversity.
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Explore the profound journey of Wide Open Agriculture, a visionary company in Western Australia, transforming the region’s agricultural landscape.

This video delves into the story of Anthony Maslin, who, after a personal tragedy, sought purpose in developing the agricultural sector.

They “produce about 80% of the world’s lupin in WA,” and the high quality and sustainable plant protein.

He discusses the “philosophy of 4 returns: social, environmental, and economic returns… and the return of hope and inspiration,” which encouraged the idea of Wide Open Agriculture.


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