2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Ella Burke discusses HR support and education through Employii, crazy things employers do that is against the law and tips for your business

Ella Burke is the strong arm emoji of the HR world.

Key Insights:

  • The craziest thing employers have done that are actually against the law
  • Things to look our for in a brand new work place as an employee
  • Tips for business owners with staff and how to make the HR things as easy as possible
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Through Employii, she’s helping to create psychologically safe workplaces. We chat all about it in this episode, and cover tips for both employees and employers at any stage of their careers.

Connect with Ella at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellaburke-employii.

Visit Employii at https://www.employii.com.au/

Shout out to Justin Barnes for introducing us to Ella!

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