2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

How to F#ck up your Startup or Scaleup – with James Bryant

Key Insights:

  • Desire to Look Good.
  • Desire to Feel Good.
  • Desire to be Right.
  • Desire to be in Control.
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James Bryant from Lead Different delves deep into the foundational questions of entrepreneurship: why we initiate new ventures and how we define success.

Originating from a background of establishing three non-profit organisations, a gym, tech company, and a leadership training enterprise, Bryant identifies boredom as a primary motivator for his entrepreneurial ventures.

To Bryant, success is multi-faceted; it’s a blend of breakthroughs, sustainable growth, solving real problems, achieving founder goals, and finding market fit. However, he warns that one can achieve these yet still feel discontented or overwhelmed.

Bryant uses the intriguing analogy of a waterpark, comparing the predictability and inertia of the Lazy River to life’s mundane repetitiveness, to convey the importance of active and purposeful living. In his consultancy role, he aspires to mould cultural architects within organisations, emphasising the creation of nurturing environments where individuals can flourish.

He identifies four primary human desires that can inhibit change and growth: the desires to look good, feel good, be right, and be in control.

Particularly, Bryant sheds light on the pitfalls of excessive control, noting that over-management can be detrimental to startups. His perspective gravitates towards self-awareness and acknowledging one’s limitations and vulnerabilities, implying that true leadership is as much about self-reflection as it is about guiding others.

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