2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Visa solutions and global mobility for startups & scaleups – with Natasha Prévot

Key Insights:

  • TechVisa, led by Natasha Prevot, simplifies international tech recruitment for Australian companies by navigating the complex visa process.
  • The initiative focuses on four primary visa categories to meet the unique needs of startups and scaleups in the tech sector.
  • With roots in Australia, TechVisa is expanding its footprint to Southeast Asia, the US, and the UK, aiming to transform global tech talent acquisition.
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Natasha Prévot’s TechVisa initiative streamlines the process of hiring international tech talent for Australian companies.

Partnered with significant venture capital entities and associations like FinTech and Tech Council Australia, TechVisa fills a unique niche in immigration for startups and scale-ups.

With a foundation in recruitment, Natasha and co-founder Sam offer expertise in navigating Australia’s intricate visa system, focusing on four primary visa categories tailored for the tech industry, 400, 482/494, 186 and 858.

Their services span talent planning, from identifying requirements to ensuring smooth onboarding and compliance.

Beyond Australia, TechVisa eyes expansion into Southeast Asia, the US, and the UK, aiming to redefine global tech talent acquisition.

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