2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA
Startup West | 30:39

Intan Oldakowska – Earflo

Charlie talks with Earflo's co-founder and CEO, Intan Oldakowska, about the non-invasive device draining middle ear fluid in children to avoid surgeries.

  • Earflo is a non-invasive device avoiding the need for surgery in children suffering from chronic ear infections, avoiding developmental delay, helping to drain middle ear fluid.
  • Starting as a ballerina at WAAPA, moving into engineering and a PHD, Intan has had a busy history before her success.
  • Created using a $500,000 WA government funding.
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Here we talk with Intan Oldakowska, co-founder and CEO of medtech startup Earflo.

She and her team are developing a non-invasive device that drains middle ear fluid in children with chronic ear infections, avoiding developmental delay and the need for surgery.

From an idea first borne over at Stanford University, California, the company was recently awarded $500,000 in WA government funding, which will help them commercialise their solution over the next few years.

Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, Intan moved to Perth during high school, wanted to be a ballerina at WAAPA, then switched to engineering, and later a PhD.

“Startup is a tough road. Don’t go into it because you want to get famous or something. Because it’s totally not worth it. The pain is not worth that, right? So you want to be in it for the right reason. Be ready for it to be a long journey, with lots of setbacks.” – Intan Oldakowska

For more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/earflo/ 
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