2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Investor Elevator Pitches: AfterWork Ventures

"We’re totally unafraid to back ambitious founders at their earliest stages but really need to believe that you’re the right team working on a big problem for a lot of people."

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AfterWork Ventures is a community-powered, industry-agnostic VC fund investing in Australian and New Zealand-based startups that have $100m+ revenue ambition.

What sets them apart is their community-powered approach to VC, with a team of over 100 founders, operators, and start-up VC personalities actively involved in everything they do. They invest in ambitious Australian and New Zealand founders ready to take their after-work into their full-time work.

Co-Founder Alek Khor, shares his advice for startups looking to secure investment from Afterwork Ventures.