2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Investor Elevator Pitches: BetterLabs

Western Australia's first and only corporate Venture fund backed by RAC WA.

Key Insights:

  • They value a pathway to profitability over just growth.
  • Based in Western Australia.
  • Backed by RAC WA.
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Here is James Edwards, CEO of BetterLabs, Western Australia’s first and only Corporate Venture Fund, which is backed by RAC. Come hear how they operate on West Tech +

BetterLabs champions forward-thinking tech ventures in Western Australia. Spearheaded by a dedicated team of West Australians. With a rich background in venture capital, they specialise in nurturing both local and international businesses.
BetterLabs is devoted to backing startups from their initial stages and bolstering innovative firms connected to WA across domains such as cleantech.

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