2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Investor Elevator Pitches: Blackbird Ventures

"Get really good at articulating the thing you're trying to build and think about what the world looks like with your new product in it."

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Rick is a co-founder of Blackbird, a venture capital firm with the mission to be a partner to the greatest business stories born in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to Blackbird, Rick was responsible for MLC’s venture capital portfolio with investments and commitments of over half a billion dollars.

Large year, Blackbird closed the largest-ever Australian venture capital fund, banking $1 billion from big superannuation funds and wealthy private investors. They invest in the best startup companies all the way through their journey from idea to beyond IPO. Their portfolio is worth over $7B and includes some of the most successful Aussie and Kiwi startups including Canva, Zoox, SafetyCulture and Culture Amp.

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