2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Jack Anderson on being a young entrepreneur, non-profit founder, 4x author and independent film-maker

Jack Anderson is 21 years old and an entrepreneur, not-for-profit founder, 4x author and independent film maker.

Key Insights:

  • Helping young people to reach their dreams, build self-worth and develop great ideas for their futures
  • Being on the board of a non-profit at such a young age
  • Successfully producing an independent documentary
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Yeah – you’re going to want to pick up your jaw off the floor and listen to his incredibly humble and inspiring story.

When he was 18 years old he started writing Year 12 textbooks and set up a not-for-profit, ThrivEd, where the proceeds from every two textbook sales is used to produce and donate a third textbook to donate to the library of the school in a low-socioeconomic area. He’s currently on the board of ThrivEd, facilitating a team of uni-student writers to help hundreds of school students in the WA community.

Jack has since started a life education organisation that combines the power of documentaries and books to inspire young people to reach their dreams, how to build self-worth and how to develop great ideas. He has written three books and has produced an independent documentary called ‘Realising Dreams’., which highlights insights and stories of how how young people can conceive and reach their biggest dreams.

Jack’s journey is very unique and his learnings are entertaining, inspiring and helpful for anyone looking to start their own business or non-profit. You can find out more about ThrivEd at: https://www.thrived.org.au/ Check out the Realising Dreams documentary on YouTube.

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