2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

John Barrington from Artrya

In this episode, we join Artrya CEO & Managing Director John Barrington as he discusses how Artrya uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning and machine learning to detect coronary artery disease in patients.

Key Insights:

  • WA is a heavy resource state, making extensive use of technology, meaning the state has a high-quality talent pool with a wealth of knowledge
  • Perth is such a networked city with global relationships, it’s a naturally “over the horizon looking state” in terms of international market opportunities
  • How Artrya is able to offer its team a high-flexibility working environment, to be able to make the most of the outdoor WA lifestyle on offer
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Raised in an entrepreneurial family here in Perth, John learned the ins and outs of the ecosystem from a young age, with business a common dinner conversation topic. From his lived experience, John mentions how entrepreneurship is engrained in the DNA of West Australians, and how it is a cultural focus for the state.

He speaks about the challenges of reaching the largest health market in the world (the US) due to timezone differences, but the benefits of being in WA outweigh any challenges. He also discusses how many who come to Perth for a few years often end up staying for many more as they fall in love with the lifestyle WA offers.

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