2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Sometimes you win, sometimes you whinge — with Jay Albany

Key Insights:

  • Jay Albany, CEO of Wide Open Ag, has successfully spearheaded three startups to reach a $10 million mark, emphasising the importance of resilience and innovation in the business world.
  • Despite facing challenges in manufacturing and the competitive market, Albany’s dedication led to the introduction of the first carbon-neutral oat milk.
  • Albany highlights the significance of having a supportive community, strategic business partnerships, and continuous learning.
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Jay Albany, the CEO of Australia’s leading regenerative food and agriculture company, Wide Open Ag, shares his entrepreneurial journey on Morning Startup.

Transitioning from New York to working at Spacecubed in Perth, he celebrates the city’s vibrant tech scene.

Albany introduces his commercial brand “Dirty Clean Food”, which champions soil health, clean ingredients, and quality taste. Plus, despite the notorious challenges startups face, he’s thrice navigated companies from inception to $10 million.

Albany’s innovative spirit led to the launch of the first carbon-neutral oat milk, although not without hurdles in manufacturing and competition.

Through all ups and downs, he underscores the significance of passion, perseverance, and a supportive community, as evidenced by Perth’s unique ecosystem. He also nods to the importance of strategic partnerships in business and recommends Brian Tracy’s book “How to Sell Everything!” as a guiding resource.

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