2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Dr Marcus Tan from Healthengine

This episode highlights Marcus Tan's journey at Healthengine and how he helped grow the company to Australia's #1 consumer healthcare platform.

Key Insights:

  • How just getting off the ground can be the hardest part of ‘launching your rocketship’
  • Marcus shares how he originally grew from his lounge room with two developers
  • Perth has a really great track record of success in entrepreneurial pursuits
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Although he didn’t originally plan to become a startup founder or entrepreneur, Dr Tan wanted to create a solution to his own problem as a medical practitioner. Through the story of receiving his first bookings, Dr Tan shares the validation he felt that made him drive for more.

From overcoming the challenges of starting a venture in WA, to becoming the largest Series-A funded venture at the time, Healthengine has shown that the ‘entrepreneurial spirit is alive and strong’ in Western Australia.

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