2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Mikaela and Eliza Greene from MyTab

  • The transition from professional surfing to tech entrepreneurs and their diverse backgrounds.
  • MyTab is a hospitality app facilitating contactless ordering and pickup, enhancing customer convenience and efficiency.
  • Location is not a barrier to creating impactful, globally relevant technology.
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Join the journey of sisters and former professional surfers, Eliza and Mikaela Greene, as they transition from the waves to the world of tech entrepreneurship with their innovative app, MyTab.

This video showcases their story from Yallingup, WA, where they developed MyTab, a “multi-award-winning hospitality app that facilitates contactless ordering between venues and customers.”

They explore their wishes to “keep the home of MyTab and the heart of MyTab in WA,” as well as showing “other people [they] can do it when [they’re] in a regional area,” exploring their regional roots and succeeding, even during hard times such as COVID.

Founder Backstories is a series of interviews with prolific Western Australian startup founders, designed to inspire conversations about the exciting opportunities and challenges facing the WA startup scene, as well as showcase the incredible achievements of local founders.

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