2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

From Italy to Margaret River – Yahava KoffeeWorks with Alessandro Fucci

In the second episode of their South West series, the Perth Business Podcast features Alex from Yahava, exploring his Neapolitan roots that shape his business philosophy, team-building strategies in the coffee industry, and insights on personal growth and maintaining balance in the hectic world of entrepreneurship.

Key Insights:

  • In customer service, especially with full time employees in an environment that is physically testing, prioritise providing them the tools not only to perform and cope but to thrive. Create a relationship where you look after your staff, you exemplify looking after yourself and putting people before the business. If you do this, your staff will look after your business and you as much as you look after them.
  • If someone comes to you to ask for more value, you’ve failed at your job. You should be recognising credit where it’s deserved and beating them to it with communication. Sometimes value isn’t in the form of money. It could be a sense of belonging, flexibility, growth or understanding in any circumstance. 
  • Sharpen the sword (that’s you). If you continuously seek to understand before you seek to be understood, you will grow yourself and sharpen your own skill set and knowledge before you have to prove yourself.
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This is the second episode of the Perth Business Podcast’s South West road trip series! Note that audio quality is different to our usual studio quality due to the mobile nature of this interview.

Alex hails from Naples in Italy and if you don’t pick up on how intertwined his heritage and cultural upbringing is in his business ethos and mindset, you’re simply not listening closely enough.

A brand most Western Australians know well, Yahava may be associated with your trip down to Margaret River or a weekend up in Swan Valley. Either way, it’s intriguing to hear the tales of its beginnings and the ethos of how they hire staff and keep a team of thriving coffee experts.

This episode is jam packed with self growth anecdotes, learnings from running several businesses and successfully maintaining your sanity (a tougher feat than one may think!). It will bring value to anyone in a management or founder/owner position, and may even help employees understand what they deserve.

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