2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #38 – with Rebecca Loftus and Nicole Gazey – Outsource Everything

Key Insights:

  • Customised Education: IDEA addresses the gap in mainstream education by offering personalised programs that cater to students who are creative, neurodiverse, or otherwise fall outside the typical academic spectrum. These programs integrate learning with real-world experience, recognising the unique challenges and decisions young people face regarding their futures.
  • Support and Acceptance: The founders emphasise the importance of building a strong support network and having a level of acceptance for the challenges ahead. This advice is crucial for anyone looking to start an initiative like IDEA, suggesting that success is not just about the vision but also about the community and mindset one cultivates.
  • Innovative Growth and Outreach: IDEA’s approach to scaling involves modelling conversations around vulnerability and tolerance, indicating a focus on emotional intelligence and community building. Their initial customer outreach and funding strategies were pivotal, and they plan to expand their impact while maintaining the personalised approach that is central to their philosophy.
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On This Episode:

Many students are suffering in mainstream education and looking for ways to path their future. The School Education Act was last reviewed in 1999 and can take up to 5 or more years to see change, it is too slow.


There are plenty of programs for academically talented young people, people who need extra social care and engagement, and people with disabilities but nothing for students who fall outside of this bell curve. Students who show creativity, are neurodiverse or challenge the system.


IDEA create co-designed programs for each student, providing integrated learning and real-world experience. They understand what is going through young people’s heads and how big their career decisions are.

One Piece of Advice: 

Rebecca: Build your support network first, as a founder you cannot do this alone. Nicole: You need to have a level of acceptance of what is to come.

Show & tell:

Google Primer App

Straight talk

Outsource people: Have a Cleaner, Nanny, click n collect

Ayurvedic massages