2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Julian Kruger from Ecocene

  • Ecocene has evolved from a traditional biodiversity consultancy to an innovative platform using drones and remote sensing technologies.
  • Julian’s personal passions for surfing and the environment are a driving force behind his work.
  • Community engagement and sustainable practices are crucial for addressing environmental crises.
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Discover the story of Ecocene, an innovative environmental management company based in Western Australia.

This video features Julian Kruger, who shares his passion for surfing and connection with nature, driving his mission to empower everyone to become ecologists.

Learn about Ecocene’s evolution from a biodiversity consultancy to a technology-driven platform that integrates remote sensing data for better environmental decision-making.

Julian explains why “the regions [in WA] are actually a really good place to do work.” With an “easy lifestyle that’s very balanced, that feels like you can connect with the community,” and helping local startups thrive.


Founder Backstories is a series of interviews with prolific Western Australian startup founders, designed to inspire conversations about the exciting opportunities and challenges facing the WA startup scene, as well as showcase the incredible achievements of local founders.

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