2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Katharine Giles from OncoRes Medical

"We work together as team WA to help each other succeed".

Key Insights:

  • Katharine started her career as a Medical Doctor before completing an MBA where she landed in the world of Venture Capital
  • Credits the WA startup ecosystem for its collaboration and sense of community
  • Highlight of entrepreneurial journey: being voted the “company that had the greatest value to add to the medical sector” by US VC’s
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Meet Dr. Katharine Giles, CEO of OncoRes Medical, a WA novel imaging technology helping surgeons combat cancer more effectively.

Upon starting OncoRes Medical, Katharine was told “don’t think you can do this in WA, we wont have the access to the experienced people and the funding”. Now home to 26 team members with a majority from WA, OncoRes Medical is attracting talent from all over the country, with team moving to WA permanently.

On the WA lifestyle, Katharine shares that being in WA allows the OncoRes Medical team to have a focus on work-life balance, dedicating time to the other things that are important to them. “This is something we’re able to do more in Perth, but would fly against the norms in a place like Silicon Valley”.

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