2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #2 – Trackmysubs / EXTAG – Give The People What They Want

Ammo Marketing caught up with Trackmysubs & EXTAG founder Gabe Alves.

Key Insights:

  • Reaching your first customers through understanding your unique selling proposition
  • How to prioritise features within your product – in the early days the focus is on functionality over design
  • Relationship farming: B2B sales requires expanding your network of potential customers and building trust over time
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In this podcast, Gabe discussed how he built two customer-centric startups and how to navigate the often silent killer “feature creep”.

To Learn More about Trackmysubs: https://www.trackmysubs.com/
For EXTAG head here: https://www.extag.com.au/

Trackmysubs / Extag

Trackmysubs: Tracking recurring payments (subscriptions) to online services is cumbersome and regularly results in overpaying for services you don’t want or need
Extag: Digitising previously manual identification processes for engineers in the field

Trackmysubs: Small businesses and freelancers (design, software, etc.)
Extag: Mining & Oil & Gas Corporations

Two big pieces of advice

  • Don’t believe the hype. Set your expectations realistically. Most start-ups are a business like any other and don’t go on to become the next Canva. Most businesses will fail in the first 18 months and if you can get to 5 years, you’re going to be one of the rare ones. If you treat your business like any normal business, then you won’t be disappointed when that doesn’t happen and you’ll plan for the longer-term, rather than short-term. Start your business with a long-term plan in mind to make it sustainable.
  • One thing leads to another thing. You never know what’s going to open the next door, but the one certainty is that if you don’t open the door, you’ll never find out what’s behind it. You build momentum by getting started and not being afraid to go through tough learning curves

Show & Tell
Family comes first: building a culture that allows founders and employees to put their family first is critical to long-term success and employee wellbeing