2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA
Startup West | 48:00

Nik Bappoo & Nick Buckley – Veintech

Charlie talks with two of Veintech's co-founders, Nick Buckley and Nik Bappoo about making cannulation easier.

  • Nick Buckley and Nik Bappoo’s team developed a device to address the 40% cannulation ‘miss rate’ by visualising veins, potentially revolutionising blood-drawing procedures.
  • Since 2020, the medtech company secured seed funding, won an Accelerating Commercialisation grant, and is advancing towards clinical trials.
  • Nik Bappoo underscores the pivotal role of a clear early vision in startups, often overlooked but essential for guiding success.
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Nick Buckley and Nik Bappoo, who team up with 8 others to create a handheld unit that visualises veins to assist in cannulation (drawing blood).

Did you know the standard ‘miss rate’ for cannulations is around 40%? Once you miss twice, you have to call for help.

So, after setting up in 2020, the medtech company closed a seed round last year, won an Accelerating Commercialisation grant, and is moving towards clinical trials.

“No matter how far you get along this journey, it is that vision you define in the early days… often that’s something that’s skipped. It’s often seen as ‘fluffy’, … we were lucky as we got forced to do it through accelerators.” ~ Nik Bappoo.

For more: https://www.veintech.com.au
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