2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

The Bunbury Farmers Market’s Very Own Graham Heath tells his story

In the first episode of their South West series, the Perth Business Podcast features the founder of Bunbury Farmers Market, Graham, who discusses his journey from grocer to creating a customer-focused fresh food haven, imparting wisdom on quality and business acumen along the way.

Key Insights:

  • In an industry of service, customers should be treated as guests. Having absolute standards shouldn’t just extend to products being of the highest possible quality, but also to guests being treated as though they bring the highest possible value.
  • There should be a reason for everything you do. It’s a lifetime of planning and strategising, having a supportive team and letting them in on the plan, and trusting them to follow through. Don’t forget the contingency plans, too!
  • Success is an attitude. Failing in the sense that you lose a business or employees or something in your personal life shifts, how you handle that failure and apply a lesson only lends to your next success.
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This is the first episode of the Perth Business Podcast’s South West road trip series! Note that audio quality is different to our usual studio quality due to the mobile nature of this interview.

If you’ve ever driven from Perth to our south west region, in particular Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River or Dunsborough, you’d be familiar with the Bunbury Farmers Market en route. A super fresh food mecca with 350 staff and all the fruit, veg, meat, dairy and meal options to choose from, you’d be remiss to skip a visit.

Graham tells us about his humble beginnings as a grocer, how he values his customers for more than just their basket size, and the secret ingredient to high quality products that make all the difference to customers, which many supermarket chains simply don’t consider. 

Whether you listen for nostalgia, for the lessons of someone who’s truly experienced it all in the world of business failings and successes, or out of curiosity for the industry of wholefood, you’ll leave with more than one nugget of wisdom.

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