2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Training 100,000 Women in tech with Kate Kirwin & Shecodes Australia

Shecodes Australia founder Kate Kirwin, and her team are on a mission to train help 100,000 women up their tech game and enter technical careers by 2025.

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Shecodes is a movement that brings women and non-binary individuals together with mentors and corporate sponsors through a series of events and workshops that teach coding to all skill levels. Since starting in 2015, Shecodes has grown from running a couple of one day workshops throughout the year in Perth to hosting events and programs that last up to 6 months. With workshops opening in Port Headland and Brisbane and an eye on other eastern cities, Shecodes is charging towards their ambitious target.

Untitled Perth got to sit down with the founder, Kate Kirwin and chat about Shecodes, how she got started, why 100,000 women, partnering with BHP and about her semi-professional hoola-hooping career.

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