2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #32 – The Cupcake Effect – with Kate Kirwin from She Codes

Kate brought her spark to this episode of Weird Growth. Lover of creating and driven by people and purpose.

Key Insights:

  • We need another million people in tech in Australia by 2025
  • How the East Coast states differ to Perth
  • How Kate asks her customers for feedback
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You’ll often find her in glitter, coding or hooping outside of She Codes. Why does She Codes exist? Simple. To inspire 100,000 women by 2025. Their programs involve teaching technical skills, connecting women to career pathways, and working with fantastic partners. Their flagship program, She Codes Plus, is a six-month program that is designed to supercharge the tech career of its participants – ideal for women looking to enter, or advance in, the tech industry. They also offer one-day workshops and tutorials. Kate packed a lot of brilliant advice on this episode so strap in.

We need another million people in tech in Australia by 2025. She Codes solves both the hiring and diversity problem of the tech scene.

One Big Piece of Advice.
It never hurts to ask. Everyone is so nice. What the worst that can happen? An ignored email? And listen to you customers. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they want.