2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #46 – with David Press and Stuart Riddle – Jam to your own tune

Key Insights:

  • Resilience and Customer Engagement: David Press from Risk Talk highlights the necessity of resilience in the face of frequent rejections, while Stuart Riddle from KNKT stresses the importance of deep customer engagement and trusting one’s instincts to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape effectively.
  • Innovative Solutions to Industry Problems: KNKT addresses client burnout in software development with a rapid delivery approach, while Risk Talk innovates by using voice technology for risk assessments and safety reporting, easing the frustration of front-line workers with traditional forms.
  • Aligning Personal Passions with Business: The conversation also delves into the significance of aligning one’s life stages with personal interests, suggesting that fulfilment comes from pursuing what genuinely resonates with an individual, which is a crucial aspect of both personal and professional growth.
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On This Episode:

Live at We Work in Perth, David Press from Risk Talk & Stuart Riddle from KNKT dive into conversations regarding problem-solving and growth in business and the entrepreneurship landscape.

They both share valuable advice; David Press underscores the importance of resilience in the face of rejection, while Stuart Riddle emphasises the significance of customer engagement and trusting one’s instincts.

Additionally, the episode explores aligning personal interests with life stages, advocating for a life filled with pursuits that bring true fulfilment.

We also discuss the power of listening and storytelling in building connections and overcoming challenges in the entrepreneurial world.


KNKT – Clients get burnt out from software development projects.

Risk Talk – Front-line workers getting frustrated with filling out risk management forms, and would rather talk.


KNKT – They have their own clients who they build the software for. They have a rapid-fire delivery approach to pump out the Software development projects.

Risk Talk – Use voice technology to run risk assessments, safety observations, and hazard and incident reporting.

One Piece of Advice: 

David Press – Be prepared to be rejected over and over, and have resilience Stuart Riddle – Spend more time talking with your customers. Also, trust your gut.

Show & tell:

Stuart’s guitar

A good pair of running shoes

Risk Talk