2 to 6 December 2024 | Perth, WA

Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #45 – with Kevin Garber – Catching Waves to 4M Users

Key Insights:

  • Simplicity in Innovation: Kevin Garber advises that overcomplicating ideas can be a barrier to progress and suggests that enhancing existing ideas can often be the key to success, as demonstrated by his experiences with Managed Flitter and his current venture, Zlinky.
  • Adaptability and Value Creation: He underscores the importance of being adaptable in the fast-paced startup environment and consistently seeking ways to deliver value, a principle that has guided his entrepreneurial journey.
  • Continuous Learning and Authentic Benchmarking: Kevin’s primary advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to focus on continuous learning, to experiment with various strategies, and to avoid comparing oneself to the often misleading success narratives prevalent in the tech industry.
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On This Episode:

Serial entrepreneur Kevin Garber discusses the challenges of finding the right idea and solving problems for startups.

He emphasises that overthinking ideas can hinder progress and suggests that building upon existing concepts can lead to success.

He shares insights from his entrepreneurial journey, including his experiences with Managed Flitter, a social media app.

Kevin highlights the importance of adapting to changes and finding ways to provide value in the startup world.

The episode delves into his current venture, Zlinky, a mobile and web app focused on bookmark and image organisation. The conversation touches on the thrill of entrepreneurship, learning from failures, and the rewarding feeling of making a positive impact.


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One Piece of Advice: 

Keep learning and pulling all the different leavers, and try not to compare yourself to others in the tech press. Sometimes it’s very easy to think everyone is crushing it very easily, which is not the case.

Show & tell:

Kevin’s Dog – Banjo